Krakatoa Skip Rowland No Return Ticket Sailing Book Adventure

"Volcanic disturbances could occur at any moment.” I read the caution aloud to my crew. Though a yacht is not a democracy, I followed with a question; “What say you guys? Are you up for going where we are told we should not go?”

With unanimous agreement. We sailed Krakatoa at dawn on a day that bore witness to the awesome power of nature. Battling overnight high winds, swift currents and pesky seas was worth the expended energy to sail into the shadows of mighty Krakatoa. The day was sunny, peaceful and mysteriously quiet. We managed too sail within a few hundred yards of Anak Krakatoa (Son of Krakatoa) a new volcano emerging near the center of where the mighty mountain once stood. The bottom was poor hold so we could not anchor to clim “Anak” though we clearly saw the lava flow. It was awesome beyond belief to be alone, absolutely alone, at the very spot of the most destructive force mankind had ever witnessed. No other boats. No people—only the haunting feeling of being in a time warp.

Powerful stuff. Here is a slice of life video from that day in September 1986.