Captain Skip Rowland

To Captain Skip Rowland voyaging is a bloodline sport.

Skip's granddadr raced across the Atlantic in 1905— when powerful men commanded lofty 130-foot schooners, crewmen were the winch’s and sextants their only instruments.

Skip sailed with his dad before he could walk. As a teen he crewed aboard the famous ocean racer Ondine. Following University and a tour in the USMC Skip became a successful California businessman. Concerned by eroding human dignity in California's glitzy lifestyle dominated by materialism and greed, Skip decided to escape the frantic pace of urban sprawl in this overpopulated environment and fulfill his dream of sailing to the drop dead beauty of the South Pacific and beyond. He sold everything, his business, home, furniture, whatever couldn't fit into a shoebox. 

But on the eve of setting off to"Drift and Blend," his yacht was stolen and set ablaze on a desolate Mexican coast.(See cover photo– Leg One"). Two years later with insurance money and a lovely new lady friend Skip was outward bound for Australia in a new yacht.

Considered a talented natural story teller, Skips two books about his wanderings to distant shores will have the reader truly blieving they are on deck with the Captain and Denise (Soul/Ship-mate) living the romance of sailing a sapphire sea under a canopy oif stars...or...during exciting moments when Skip called on is USMC training when nearly run down by a vagabond freighter, when they struggled for control ripping down a flooding river or when encountering pirates on deck in the Malacca Strait.

Skip is an accomplished journalist. His No Return Ticket book's place ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations. They are a  captivating true  story of making the most of a life changing, highly rewarding--sometimes challenging voyage.

Captain Skip Rowland has logged over 30,000 nautical miles in his five offshore yachts. He has served as a race committee chair, was a radio personality, and has written for multiple magazines. He now lives in the mountains of British Columbia with his lovely ship-mate and now wife Denise...and "Charlie Brown the Clown" their third Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Skip encourages readers to use this website to comment- good or otherwise, about his books.