Captain Skip Rowland

To Captain Skip Rowland voyaging is a bloodline sport.

Skip Rowland always wanted to sail to the drop-dead beauty of South Pacific. Concerned by eroding human dignity in California’s glitzy lifestyle, Skip decided risk vs reward was worth the risk to change his life, to escape the frantic pace of an over populated environment and see the world before humanity destroys it.

Skip sold everything… his business, home, cars and personal belongings...whatever wouldn’t fit in a shoebox. But on the eve of casting off to “drift and blend,” his 48ft ketch was stolen and torched on a desolate Mexican coast. (see cover photo-Leg One). 

Calling on his USMC training the author tracked and captured the thieves in Mexico. Later, with a new French built ketch and lovely Denise at his side Skip was outward bound to Australia on a sapphire sea under a star laden sky. However,  all was not bliss. They unexpectedly sailed into an active military coup D’état, were knocked down in mid Pacific, survived violent storms, dangerous equipment failures, thieving authorities, even murderous pirates. 

Years later in Thailand Skip is thwarted by tragedy no one could have foreseen and the most skilled sailor could not have prevented, but which bonds forever the skipper and his courageous mate Denise. 

For Skip Rowland sailing is a bloodline sport. His granddad competed in the 1905 Trans-Atlantic race sponsored by the Kaiser of Germany As a teen Skip crewed aboard the original Ondine and while a US Marine won the all service sailing championships.  He has owned five offshore yachts and sailed over 30,000 nm. He is a member of the Ocean Cruising Club and Bluewater Cruising Association.

An accomplished journalist, Skip has authored two books and dozens of magazine features. He is a captivating keynote speaker. No Return Ticket is a compelling true story of an ordinary man and his courageous mate making the most of a life changing, highly rewarding – sometimes challenging voyage. You will believe you are on deck from the moment you turn the first page.

Captain Skip Rowland has logged over 30,000 nautical miles in his five offshore yachts. He has served as a race committee chair, was a radio personality, and has written for multiple magazines. He now lives in the mountains of British Columbia with his lovely ship-mate and now wife Denise...and "Charlie Brown the Clown" their third Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Skip encourages readers to use this website to comment- good or otherwise, about his books.

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