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No rational person would ever volunteer for the trials thrust upon the skipper and crew of Endymion, but visions of distant sparkling seas and far-off lands can have a powerful gravitational effect.
No Return Ticket Leg One by Skip Rowland

No Return Ticket - Leg One is the compelling story of Endymion, and her captain, a successful businessman, who chucked away the glitz of California to live a dream shared by millions - sailing to the jaw-dropping beauty of the South Pacific with only the wind and whim guiding the journey.

But dreams sometimes must step aside for reality. On the eve of casting off, thieves steal Skip's original yacht Love Story, and set it ablaze on a desolate Mexican beach. Tracking the thieves, the author captures them at gunpoint in a bar, but lands himself in the same Mexican jail.

Outward bound across the Pacific aboard Endymion , the crew is forced to play chicken with a rogue freighter. They're knocked down mid-ocean, sail right into an active military coup, and crossing the Tasman Sea from New Caledonia to Australia manage to survive the most violent storm in the last 100 years.

An exciting read, Leg One will have you believing you're up on the deck of Endymion with the skipper and his polyglot crew, experiencing the freedom and challenge that a true ocean passage can deliver.

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No Return Ticket Leg Two by Skip Rowland

No Return Ticket - Leg Two finds Skip, now with his beautiful mate Denise, racing north from Tasmania in the roaring forties" and across the dreaded Bass Straits with Tall Ships for Australia's Bi-Centenary celebration. In later riveting reading they are caught in a seriously flooding river with navigational aids swept away.

To whom should I dedicate book?
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