Krakatoa- We are among few who have been there

The mighty volcano Krakatoa has been much in the news the last several months.

Last erupting in 1883 it was the second largest in recorded history. In 2019 it's happening again in this remote area of the Sunda Straits, Indonesia, formally called Dutch West Indies.

This is not an easy area to access. I am one of few alive today ever to sail in Karakatoa’s shadow since the 1883 eruption.

Following is a portion of my experience from Chapter 44 of my second book No Return Ticket- Leg Two- Australia to Thailand.

"Our wind crossing the Sunda Strait was 25 knots and a broad reach.With the remains of mighty Krakatoa looming before us that wind died.

“OK you guys,’ I announced to my crew, “Here’s a couple of facts- pre-eruption. Krakatoa was spread over 5.5 by 3.2 miles and 3,200 ft high. Only a third remains and we are about to see it.”