Alone In The Worlds Largest Reef System

Great Barrier Reef- excerpt from "No Return Ticket- Leg Two"

     Morning sun was behind us, perfect for spotting underwater coral heads. Denise went to the rigging to guide me. Endymion moved cautiously through dubious uncharted patches of a complicated reef system.

     We picked our way carefully, plotting every move and believing maybe, just possibly, we were someplace on earth no other human had ever seen. To be safe we anchored before the sun dropped too far for us to identify coral bommies that could end our pleasure. We dropped our hook in a tiny circular lagoon not more than two hundred feet in diameter. 

     Twelve feet of crystal-clear emerald cut blue-green water was below us. Exposed portions of reef eight inches to a foot high nearly surrounded us two boat lengths away in any direction. These were tight quarters, but weather was “fine” as Australians like to boast, wind only a teasing whisper. Tides were slight, generally measured in inches. 

     Although secure in our isolated spot, we were not alone. A goliath grouper fish I guessed to be one hundred pounds swam lazy circles around us for fifteen minutes. Huge sea turtles with backsides larger than our dining table scoured the reef for snacks. I was amazed how fast they could move. Boundless multi-colored reef fish darted in directionless frenzy. Famished pelicans hung out, carefully watching for mistakes.

     I dug into our music library for the soundtrack from Somewhere in Time. Denise and I, adventurers in love, were anchored in a remote area of one of the world’s greatest wonders—the Great Barrier Reef.  

     In total black of night, we lay together on the foredeck under millions of stars. Tiny wavelets softly, gently lapped on the reef, adding romance. With only sounds and scents of nature swaddling us Denise quietly asked;

“What do you think right now, this very moment, my captain?”

“I think at this moment we are probably the most fortunate people on earth. And I believe this proves above all else that there is a God, a higher power. All that we’ve seen so perfectly balanced, so in harmony can’t possibly be an accident. Agreed?”

“I love you Skippy.”

     Kisses became serious.